From better cooking to a better world

From better cooking to a better world

Social Responsibility

Supporting our communities is more than simply checking off a box. Being a real and meaningful local community member and partner is a responsibility for every Meyer and Hestan affiliate across the globe. Our “Giving Back” culture can be seen through the efforts of our employees to engage with and support organizations in our local regions every day.

We Care About Our Community


Since 1981, Meyer’s mission has ensured our cookware heats up the kitchen, not the planet. Solar panels power our US corporate campuses in Solano County, California, and packaging from our manufacturing facility, including cardboard, plastic, and shrink wrap is reduced, reused, or recycled.

An industry leader in energy efficiency, Meyer’s corporate storage and delivery center is the largest automated repository in the nation. Over 11 stories tall, with 67,000 pallet positions, robotic retrieval has increased efficiency and helped to lower the carbon footprint of the property.

We Care About Our Planet

Inclusion & Diversity

Our goal is to create an organizational culture where everyone feels welcomed, accepted, safe and supported. It is our desire to attract, retain and nurture the best talent from all walks of life, ensuring that equity and inclusion are at the core of our business, our people programs and our leadership. The priority of Meyer is to continue to strengthen our diversity and culture and make a difference in not only the workplace, but in our community as well.

We Embrace Diversity